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Scalp Micropigmentation

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Thinning or patchy baldness

    For thinning hair or patchy hair loss in both  
   men and women. Safe and effective coverage    of most types of hair loss.



Surgical, trauma or transplant scar(s) concealment

     Up to 90% camouflage all types of scalp scars        including FUT, FUE and plug transplant scars.

NOTE:  All procedures include consultation and design


We developed our own needles to fit our machines.  They are 75% smaller than commercially available needles, resulting in smaller follicle replication and more realistic results.​​


Our inks are 100% organic with NO colour additives.  They cannot break down into other colours  because they contain NO constituent colours.  This is critical in a realistic lasting appearance.

How long does the pigment last?

Scalp Micropigmentation cab last up to 10+ years depending upon how compliant the client is to using sunscreen or some sort of protection in direct sunlight exposure.

Is scalp micropigmentation painful?

Our clients report a mild degree of discomfort expressing that on a scale of 1-10 that the experience is a 2-3.  For those clients that are more sensitive to pain we do have a topical anesthetic cream that is available to eliminate any discomfort.  Some areas of the scalp have a denser collection of nerve endings than others, particularly at the temples and base of the neck.  Clients choose to focus on the benefits of the final transformation of the treatment to help with, if any, sensation.  We do try our best at all times to make the procedure as comfortable as possible from beginning to end.

How long does the procedure take?

Scars: 1-2 hours;  Standard "top of the head" procedures may take 4-6 hours.  Normally, done over 2-3 sessions scheduled 5-7 days apart. Time does vary depending on individual requirements.  The process is repeated until the semblance of "Hair Illusions" cannot be distinguished from surrounding hair follicles.

How long is the recovery time?

The scalp is quite tender and red for the first 3 hours following.  After 12 hours the scalp has settled down significantly.  Within 24 hours the scalp has gone back to its original colour.  Most clients are back to the normal social life within 48 hours.

How much does the procedure cost?

The cost of the procedure should not be the most important issue when consulting a potential scalp micropigmentation artist.  Most important is the training and skill of the person performing the procedure and the confidence of the client in that skill.  As everyone's "Hair Illusions" expectations vary its always best to either contact us directly or schedule your FREE consultation.  It would be our pleasure to sit down with you to discuss your individual transformation needs.  


Scalp Aesthetics developed one of the world's first scalp micropigmentation machine delivering a longer stroke, 5mm, resulting in less fading, fewer sessions and ultimately better results​​.

FULL / PARTIAL Scalp Hair loss

Hide effects of FULL/PARTIAL pattern baldness

   Micropigmentation is an effective solution for hair loss
   for both men and women, sometimes in as little as 2
​   simple procedures you will look and feel GREAT.
​​​​The art of scalp micropigmentation is a relatively painless procedure placing tiny custom pigmented dots within the upper dermis of the scalp, each one replicating a single shaven hair follicle.  When combined with thousands more, deposited by a skilled Scalp Aesthetic artist, the result is an undetectable "illusion" of a full head of hair. 

​This technique not only allows us to create the "illusion" of thousands of hair follicles but 

Raises confidence, self-esteem and can take years off your appearance.

Whether you desire a natural soft hairline or a straight edged-up look, scar camouflage, a full/partial head application
due to genetic or health related hair loss and/or thinning hair anything is possible.

Begin YOUR transformation TODAY!

Imagine waking up to perfectly groomed

"Hair Illusions"!

NO more serums, pills, smearing, shampoos/conditioners, sprays, messy fibers, scars, or even disappearing acts.

FULL / PATCHY Alopecia

Effective solution for ALL types of alopecia

    Achieve up to 100% camouflage for even the most 
​    severe alopecia symptoms.  Raise your self-esteem.