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NOTE:  all procedures include consultation and design

FULL lip colour with Liner

Lip border as well as implants colour inward thoughout the entire fleshy part of the lip. Outline the lip to create definition and colour is blended towards middle to completely fill in lips.  This technique can be implimented in some cases to camouflage uneven lips size. Uneven lip borders can also be balance with this procedure.
​This method is used for anyone who wants the appearance of wearing lipstick or lip gloss with a defined lip line.

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Lip Liner

Outline the lip to create definition, camouflage slight imperfections.  This technique when used alone can create a harsh unnatural lip outline.

Preparing for Your Appointment. . .
Clients should allow at least 3 hours for your initial procedure depending upon the treatment.  Please remove facial hair around your lips by tweezing, shaving, threading, or waxing, at least a few days PRIOR to your appointment.  Electrolysis and/or laser hair removal treatments should be completed 5 to 7 days PRIOR to your procedure. Please make your technician aware if you are prone to cold sores. You should also wear and bring your favorite color lipstick or lip pencil for color matching. Any question/concerns should be discussed during your consultation PRIOR to your procedure.

After Your Permanent Lip Color Procedure. . .

You lips will be temporarily swollen right after your procedure. They will be tender and may have some minor bruising in some places that will go away in a few days. Your lip color will definitely be brighter and darker than what you want. It will lighten a lot after your lips peel (about 3 to 6 days post procedure). The color will continue to soften and stabilize over the next few weeks. Your lips will appear brighter and slightly fuller than normal, due to swelling, during the first week of healing, so please keep this in mind when booking your procedure.  You will be provided with detailed after care instructions to ensure the best results possible.

Follow-up and Maintenance Appointments. . .
The lips will gradually lighten and the color will stabilize over the next few weeks following your procedure. Lip tissue is different from regular skin, so it loses the most color following an initial tattooing procedure. Generally, your lips will normally heal lighter than you desired, but they can be darkened during your touch-up procedure. A follow-up might be needed to adjust any slight concerns to areas that may have healed lighter due to swelling or bleeding during the process. Ideally, your touch-up should be completed between 6 to 8 weeks post procedure. Due to the fact that in some cases permanent makeup can fade over time, you can schedule maintenance visits every few years to keep your color looking bright and fresh.


Permanent lip liner is designed to enhance the lips not to create fullness.  This procedure is meant to give the "illusion" of a fuller lip. Permanent lip liner and colour can improve the lips in both men and women.  It helps to define without the need for surgery or fillers and can restore the colour in naturally paler lips.  Permanent lip liner eliminates the need for use of pencils to outline, fill-in or reshape the outline.  Permanent make up, depending on colour choice, can aid in concealing or decrease some discolouration and/or imperfections.   Lip tattooing helps correct and balance the symmetry of uneven lips, too thin, or even scars. Permanent lip colour decreases the need to reapply lipstick or gloss. It can also enhance the natural colour and shape of perfectly shaped lips.​ 


A lip tattoo can reduce "lipstick bleed," and give definition to the lip line. With a colored lip tattoo, lip scars disappear, plus you can kiss lipstick good-bye. 

Permanent Lips

How long does the pigment last?

Permanent make-up procedures last for many years. Pigment retention depends upon: lifestyle, skin type, age, aftercare, sun exposure, use of certain skincare products, immune system, medications, etc.  Aftercare is very important to ensure the best results possible.  Periodical touch-ups maybe required to freshen up colour and/or design.

What is a touch-up and is one necessary?

​Often tattooed colour is not perfect after the initial procedure heals.  Permanent cosmetic procedures are a process of at least one follow-up to the initial procedure.  The minimum standard for follow-up detail is 6-8 weeks.  Lips have a different healing time than procedures performed on other parts of the face due to their delicate nature.  Time frame for healing of the lips varies dependent upon the clients overall health and age.

Is permanent make-up procedures painful?

During the procedure most people may experience some discomfort as the lips are especially more sensitive.  As every clients pain tolerance varies, if you are on the more sensitive side topical anesthetics maybe used depending on the area of treatment.  During our one-on-one personal consultation we can discuss these methods with you to determine which one is appropriate.  We do try our best at all times to make the procedure as comfortable as possible from beginning to end. 

How long does the procedure take?

Procedure length depends on the area.  Generally, the initial procedure may take approximately 2+ depending upon the procedure area and if the use of topical anesthetics is required.

How much does the procedure cost?

The cost of the procedure should not be the most important issue when consulting a potential permanent cosmetic artist.  Most important is the training and skill of the person performing the procedure and the confidence of the client in that skill. As permanent make-up is so personal and expectations vary its always best to either contact us directly or schedule your FREE consultation. It would be our pleasure to sit down with you to discuss your individual transformation needs.  

What is the downtime after the procedure?​

Following permanent lip procedure the healing process may take approximately ten days. In most circumstances, the lips will look very dry and chapped as they heal. Initially, the colour is darker but as time passes the color gets lighter as the skin continues to heal. You usually see the full, true color after about two weeks.

Blended Lip Liner

Outline the lip to create definition and colour is blended halfway towards the center to create softness.
This technique is for anyone who want lips with a softer appearance.  This lip is lined and then shades inwards slightly. This method is more attractive than lip liner on its own. Naturally uneven lip outlines can be balanced with this procedure.