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Permanent eyeliner helps women and men enhance the appearance of their eyes.  It eliminates the need to outline eyelids with liquid liners, pencils or fill in with shadow.  Permanent eyeliner also improves the appearance of missing, thin or light colored lashes.  Permanent eyeliner gives people the convenience to swim, shower, or exercise without having to reapply or worry about smudging or smearing.  It provides the vision impaired or unsteady hand the ability to enhance their natural features.  Eye doctors also recommend permanent eyeliner to patients who wear contact lenses, who suffer from watery or allergy eyes.

Eyeliner compliments the eyes and can give the "illusion" of darker, fuller, or thicker eyelashes.  It can enhance or balance the eye, create to "illusion" of larger eyes, or affect the spacing of how the eye is perceived.  

Eyeliner is known to enhance the intensity of eye color and make the eye more alluring.

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Permanent Eye Liner Options

Lining the TOP from the inner edge to the outer edge gives a subtle natural look.  For a bolder look, extend the eyeliner past the outer edge to the wing of the eye.
Lining the TOP and BOTTOM eyelids from the inner edge to the outer edge created a sexy, deep tone around the eye.  Great by itself or as the base for a great smokey eye.

Permanent EyeLiner

Permanent Eyeliner

Sharp defined line

Upper liner

Lower liner

Upper and Lower Liner

Permanent Eyeliner

Soft smokey edge

Upper liner

Lower liner

Upper and Lower liner

Lining the TOP of the eyelid from the inner lash line to outer edge and the bottom lid from the lower lash line to the outer edge creates an all around shape that leaves the eye open.

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How long does the pigment last?

Permanent make-up procedures last for many years. Pigment retention depends upon: lifestyle, skin type, age, aftercare, sun exposure, use of certain skincare products, immune system, medications, etc.  Aftercare is very important to ensure the best results possible.  Periodical touch-ups maybe required to freshen up colour and/or design.

What is a touch-up and is one necessary?

​Often tattooed colour is not perfect after the initial procedure heals.  Permanent cosmetic procedures are a process of at least one follow-up to the initial procedure.  The minimum standard for follow-up detail is 6-8 weeks.  Lips have a different healing time than procedures performed on other parts of the face due to their delicate nature.  Time frame for healing of the lips varies dependent upon the clients overall health and age.

Is permanent make-up procedures painful?

During the procedure most people may experience some discomfort at times.  As every clients pain tolerance varies, if you are on the more sensitive side topical anesthetics maybe used depending on the area of treatment.  During our one-on-one personal consultation we can discuss these methods with you to determine which one is appropriate.  We do try our best at all times to make the procedure as comfortable as possible from beginning to end. 

How long does the procedure take?

Procedure length depends on the area.  Generally, the initial procedure may take approximately 2+ depending upon the procedure area and if the use of topical anesthetics is required.

How much does the procedure cost?

The cost of the procedure should not be the most important issue when consulting a potential permanent cosmetic artist.  Most important is the training and skill of the person performing the procedure and the confidence of the client in that skill. As permanent make-up is so personal and expectations vary its always best to either contact us directly or schedule your FREE consultation. It would be our pleasure to sit down with you to discuss your individual transformation needs.  
Lining the TOP and BOTTOM eyelide from the inner edge to the outer edge creates a highly defined dramatic eye.  This can also be the base for a more extensive Egyptian look.

Permanent Eyeliner

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