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“I looked into every mirror I walked by all day! and slightly dangerously in the rear view mirror all the way home.  I love them! I've been sending updates to my curious friends/future clients. lol

Thanks again!"

Prior to my meeting with Yvonne I've visited multiple clinics for consultation and none had made me feel as confident and comfortable as I did with her.  During the consultation, she educated me about scalp micropigmentation and the equipment used.  She showed samples that were done on practice skins as well as pictures of her previous works.  She consulted me about the type of result that I was looking for (natural, soft) and worked with me recreating my natural hairline.  I was impressed by her knowledge and portfolio that I immediately booked myself to get the treatment done.  Luckily, she was free and was able to get my first treatment on the same day.  After the first treatment, I can honestly say that Yvonne is not just a technician, she's an artist.  She seamlessly blended the micro pigments with the follicles that a person wouldn't be able to tell the difference.  Yvonne reminded me that scalp micropigmentation is a process. You won't achieve perfect results in just one treatment.  I believed and trusted her and after 3 treatments I am extremely happy with the result.

Yvonne you are amazing!!


I have always been the guy who has maintained a great looking head of hair with the latest styles and cuts and have been able to do so til hitting my early 40's.  

In recent years, I inevitable had come to accept a receding hairline and overall thinning.  With a career in retail management I became self conscious about how I looked which has affected my confidence and self-esteem.  

At 45 years, I was struck with an illness which continued to lower my esteem.  Over a year later I am so thankful for being a cancer survivor, that I now have a strong commitment to my overall health and well being.  Through diet and exercise as part of my therapy, I have transformed by body.  Having lost close to 50lbs., I am in the best shape of my life physically and I have been told I look great, but looking in the mirror I still see that balding guy.

Researching confidence building and self-esteem, is when I came across SMP and took a chance and booked a consultation and met with Yvonne.  I felt she was someone I could trust and opened myself up to her as she seemed very caring.  

​As my sessions are near completion I can tell you, Yvonne is a genuine person and highly skilled in this process.  What a tremendous feeling looking in the mirror and seeing that guy that looks and feels like he is in his 30's.

It looks life like, and absolutely incredible!

​What a feeling of charged strength, courage and commitment to start a new beginning having been given my confidence and self-esteem back!

Thanks to Yvonne, she has polished the New Me!



Dear Yvonne:

I have written this letter to express my appreciation for your service, this was truly a life changing experience for me.  I am extremely happy with your SMP procedure, your hard work and dedication.  Overall, I was impressed by your professionalism and attentiveness to detail and I am completely satisfied by your high quality work.  I will proudly recommend you to my friends, family and others.

Thank you,


Fill-in, dot by dot, to create the "illusion" of an extended natural hairline

also, added density.

Client Testimonials

"I really love my new look... every time I look in the mirror now, I smile. I had dinner with some close friends last night and they too were amazed at how great my brows look...      

Thank you again!”